Top Causes of Drywall Damage

Minor drywall damage may be simple enough to repair yourself. But you should know when it’s time to call a professional as well. Although drywall repair near me in wichita, ks costs a bit of money, it ensures no further damage occurs and provides peace of mind in the repair. Don’t hesitate to call experts when the situation demands professional service.

Some of the most common causes of drywall damage includes:

–    Popped Nails: One of the more common causes of drywall damage is popped nails. If the nail does not reach the center of a stud, it may pop over time, resulting in damage to the wall.

–    Small Holes: Small holes damage drywall when things like a door hits it too hard. You can avoid this by taking an adhesive plate and applying it to the wall.

–    Furniture: Scuff marks from furniture also cause drywall damage. You can reduce the risk by keeping furniture away from the wall.

–    Water Damage: Water damage can be caused by broken appliances, broken water lines, and other plumbing issues. Any time there is water damage, the drywall is at risk. You need fast attention when water damage occurs.

–    Cracking: That small crack quickly turns into large cracks without a fast repair. Eventually, the entire foundation of the home is at risk if there is water damage or moisture.

–    Termite Damage: Termites cause extensive damage to the home. Many people do not realize that termites can damage the drywall of the home. Schedule regular termites inspections to avoid this risk.

drywall repair near me in wichita, ks

The many things that can cause damage to the drywall listed above are only some of the potential risks. Always be on the lookout for drywall damage and get attention from an expert if you suspect a problem. It’s The best solution to protect your home and your wallet.